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Used Oil

Southwest Oil is a licensed and insured Special Waste Hauler for used oil, antifreeze, oil filters, and wastewater, specializing in the recovery of used automotive oils. We have 43 years of experience in the industry and are intensely committed to adhering to state and federal regulations.

Our Recovery Specialists are experienced professionals who are trained to test, load, and unload non-hazardous used oils in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. Our trucks have all been custom built with three compartments so we can safely segregate your used oil from other non-hazardous liquids, ensuring the safe transportation and removal of your used oil. For more information about our other services, click here to view a list of materials we can help you with.

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Used Antifreeze

Each of our trucks have all been custom built with three compartments so we can safely segregate your material. Our experienced Recovery Specialists are trained to separate your used oil and antifreeze and in most cases, are able to remove both materials on the same service call.

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Filter Recovery

At Southwest Oil, we understand that our customers are looking for one-stop solutions. That’s why we proudly offer Filter Recovery Service at no cost to you. Our dedicated team of Recovery Specialists are trained to check all waste streams during each service call, and schedule return services for Filter Recovery when necessary.

When you work with Southwest Oil, we provide a tote to you at no cost, and regularly scheduled services are the standard. If you fill your tote a little more quickly than we anticipated, no need to worry! Just make a quick call to our office staff and we will schedule a driver to stop by and take care of you right away.

Your used filters are returned to our facility after recovery and crushed with our state-of-the-art filter crusher to ensure proper handling and disposal.

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Wastewater & Vacuum Truck Services

Whether you have rain water in your storage containment or a Triple Trap system that requires attention, Southwest Oil is poised to assist you with your wastewater needs. All water is removed to a regulated facility for disposal in full compliance with state and federal regulations.

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Solid Waste

Southwest Oil is a trusted name in the transportation and disposal of non-hazardous materials. We now offer transportation of solid waste to a regulated facility for disposal. Have you been looking for a way to get rid of that old drum of Oil Dri sitting in the corner of your shop? Do you have other containerized waste that you need to have removed?

Call us today for more information!

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Parts Washers

Southwest Oil is dedicated to providing full-service packages for all our customers. We know for some of our customers, parts washers are an integral part of your operations. Please contact us for more information on adding parts washer services to your current service package. 

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Furnace Oil and Burner Fuel

Southwest Oil provides On-Specification RFO for your used oil burning furnace! We offer competitive rates and fast delivery times. Our prices are always based on market conditions, so prices can change from season to season. We work with our customers to ensure fast, safe delivery and a service schedule to keep you warm through the winter!

Each delivery of On-Specification fuel comes with a certified analytical that reports the actual parameters of the oil you’re burning so you know you’re getting a quality material with high BTU’s every time.

The following items are a requirement for delivery: a Minimum 250-gallon capacity storage container, (must be free from sludge and debris) and direct access to storage containment within 30 feet.

Section 8

On-Spec Oil Sales

Southwest Oil has built a solid reputation in Chicagoland for both the quality of the product we deliver and the top-of-the-line customer service that comes along with it.

With 43 years of experience in collecting and handling Used Oil, our dedication to strictly adhering to proven policies and procedures yields the highest-quality material in the industry. Our Recovery Specialists are dedicated to maintaining our spotless reputation and are led by our Recovery and Delivery Management team to ensure only the best material makes its way to our customer’s tanks.

Every delivery is accompanied by a certified analytical report to comply with state and federal regulations. All regulated parameters are reported and we provide this for every single delivery so you can see the quality of our material on paper before you experience the quality of our material in your operations. With a higher BTU than natural gas or propane, you can be sure you’re getting the most for your money when you use a certified material from Southwest Oil.

For pricing and delivery information, please contact us.