Regulatory Compliance

Under the tutelage of Southwest Oil’s Vice President, Vickie Custer, the National Oil Recycler’s Association (NORA) and Chicagoland’s oil recycling marketplace celebrated victory over the “burdensome manifesting requirements” in the state of Illinois. Custer led the charge to dismantle the requirements for non-hazardous material in the state. Please enjoy this excerpt about this effort below:

In a hearing before the Illinois Pollution Control Board, representatives from NORA and the Illinois EPA addressed the issue of burdensome manifesting requirements of used oil in Illinois.

This is an extremely important issue to NORA members in Illinois as well as NORA members in other states as a matter of principle.

The used oil market in Illinois is one of the most competitive in the United States. However, the members were able to unite behind NORA to address this issue of concern to all.

Representatives from Future Environmental, RS Used Oil, Southwest Oil, Safety-Kleen, Heritage – Crystal Clean and Excel Environmental all participated in the hearing.

Under the magnificent leadership of Vickie Custer of Southwest Oil, the NORA Illinois Working Group has persisted in navigating this project.

NORA’s General Counsel Chris Harris served as the primary representative in addressing the association’s position that the manifests are unnecessary. He presented NORA’s common sense proposal in a clear and concise manner which appeared to resonate well with the IPCB. Several other members provided helpful testimony supporting the cause.

At the conclusion of the day long hearing, NORA Executive Director requested the IPCB assist NORA members with the manifest problems that cost the industry in excess of $1 million annually.

This project marches on. A comment period was set for December. NORA’s Illinois Working Group will continue to monitor and respond accordingly.